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About Us

Stars` End Mining Company is nothing like any other group in the known galaxy. Not only do we strive to provide quality supplies, building and transportation services but we are dedicated, in concert with our service clients, to developing not only our bases of operation, but our clients operations as well. We are working day and night for the continued prosperity of our own employees, and also promoting a quality and safe workplace for every possible species/race imaginable.

Founded in part thanks to the work and efforts of our friends in the Information Industry, Stars` End Mining Company was initially decided upon to help speed up the development of the Tierell System. After many discussions and negotiations with several groups, SEMCo was registered as a full on mining organization on the memorable day of Year 9 Day 51.

SEMCo's day to day business was left in the trusted and ever faithful hands of Taldar Logas. His dedication and experience grew by leaps and bounds during his time and training at Lant Mining. The twists of fate could have easily taken this great leader on a multitude of paths, luckily for us, he decided to follow Horley Cyan into the great unknown and has become the leader we all know and love today, SEMCo was both happy and sad when Taldar as owner of SEMCo appointed Owinn Hanno as leader while Taldar made his way to the Trade Federation government to work within their Commerce Department.

Now lead by Jubb, SEMCo continues to make huge leaps and bounds in its progress to grow and develop. One such idea was the service contract negotiated with a ship building group, with this new industry under the umbrella of SEMCo business affairs the only limits placed on this once struggling group are the limits they wish to place on their potential. We are now proud to announce a partnership with The Order of Kampar to distribute their quality Bacta to the masses. Please DM our staff to obtain a quote today!

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